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What is Place-Based Education?

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

What could be better than Project-Based Learning? Project-Based Learning where the projects are designed to empower young learners to better their own community and world. By bringing our explorers out in the community, they have a chance to identify real problems - and come up with real solutions - all on their own. Giving every adventure, and every new learning, an authentic purpose.


Modern classrooms too often rely on the "guess what the teacher is thinking" approach to learning. In this approach, teachers hold all the knowledge and control all the answers. In the real world, problems are often far more complex than a simple "2+2," and rarely does anyone know the perfect, unquestionable 'answer' -- even if they hold a teaching degree.

Place-Based Education (PBE) is centered in the idea that all community members, no matter how young, can be valuable contributors and problem-solvers. In the real world, young learners may stumble across problems that the adults have yet to solve, and questions that remain unanswered by, well, anyone. Little learners can not only identify these problems, but they can start helping find the solution. No matter their age.

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Stories of Place-Based Education in schools and programs across the country:

Ideas for trying Place-Based Education at home:

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