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School Year 2022/23
After-School Programs


Engaging  Enrichment

Exciting daily adventures, engaging weekly themes -- all designed to provide depth, context, and meaning to the Virginia SOLs. 


School Time to Dinner Time

Explorers will be picked up right after school and dropped off 2 hours later -- with homework done, friendships grown, and learning adventures accomplished. 


Board the Bus Straight from School

Harold will be there to pick up little explorers right from school, whisk them away for some learning fun, and then return them to a local drop off -- all before dinner.  

Fall Weekly Themes

Fall Weekly Themes

Synched with the School Year 

week-by-week programs designed to compliment the academic calendar


The LAB School Year Adventure Program will follow the school year calendar of any participating partner school. All programs will coincide with scheduled school days (no adventures on holidays or snow days, for example...). 

Additionally, LAB after-school programs will be booked for the duration of one academic quarter -- again coinciding with the released schedule of each LAB partner school. 

You can find the LCPS 2022/2023 Academic Calendar HERE

School-time to Dinner-time

pick-up right from school and drop-off right back... 2 exciting hours later


Harold the magic bus will pull through the bus line at the end of the school day to pick little explorers up right from the front door to whisk them away on the day's adventure.  En route to the day's planned adventure location, explorers will have time to eat an afternoon snack and work (with the help of a conductor!) on any homework assigned for the day. They will then arrive on site where they will meet someone, make something -- and, eventually, return back to school, with smiles and learning stories to share!

LAB pick-up times will align with the end of each partner school's closing bell. 

Hours & Schedule

Hours and Schedule
LAB Schools

LAB Partner Schools


Middleburg Community Charter School

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Legacy Elementary School


Want the LAB to stop by your school?

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